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One of the problems with Christian music is too often people say “well this is the Christian version of such-and-such a band.”  The problem is that every band has its own sound, and every band (almost every band) sounds at least somewhat like another band.  That doesn’t mean they are copying each other, it just means music has some common themes.

So, sometimes, the fact that you like one band may mean that you like another.  For example, a lot of U2 fans also like Coldplay, and vice versa.  So, while we hesitate to compare bands, we will give some similar bands to our top 10 lists, for informational purposes.  Feel free to disagree or ignore as you wish.



8. The One I’m Running To – 7eventh Time Down

Despite forcing my spell-check to spaz everytime I write their name, 7TD has enough rock to make the countdown.  If you’re a Daughtry fan, check em out.


6. Release the Panic – Red

Can’t have a countdown without a little touch of metal.  Right now, Red is making the rounds on our playlists.  Not hard to see why with this.


4. Slow Suicide – Scott Stapp

As the lead singer and songwriter for the old Creed albums, there’s no surprise that Scott Stapp’s solo project sounds fairly similar (though without Mark Tremonti, unfortunately. Though Phil X is pretty awesome as well).

3. Beyond Me – tobymac

Hard to argue with the Tobe.  Always good.  Does he ever miss?

2. You Can’t Stop Me – Andy Mineo

One of the more successful Christian hiphop artists, Andy Mineo’s  latest of his January 2014 EP “NeverLand”. (and yes, now I know it’s “mini-O”).

1. When I’m With You the Fireworks Go Off – Clemency

Clemency has a top-40-esque quality to them. More importantly, they aren’t afraid to write songs that are “Christian” in the sense they reflect Biblical worldviews, but aren’t all praise and worship. Sometimes Christians just think other people are attractive.  Craziness.


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